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Don't miss out Cheap writing sites liverpool M and Sarah G Edited by Gary. Updated 15 Feb Far too many people lock into costly unbreakable contracts and then end up never using the gym. Plus see what to watch out for with contracts, and what to do when membership goes wrong.

Come January, many of you pledge to get fit and join a gym. But cheap writing sites liverpool few link later, as resolutions fade, half of you disappear from the treadmills. Enthusiasm for the gym wanes like the novelty of a turkey Christmas dinner, which is why the pros have coined the phrase 'gym turkey'. They see you down the gym a few times, then you're gone the rest of the year.

Those surging with good first-time fitness intentions should remember there's a good chance motivation may dwindle. If you're considering a year's contract, always multiply it by 12 and think of it as a yearly cost. And don't forget to factor in any administration or joining fees to the cheap writing sites liverpool charge.

If you're throwing away cash on unused membership each month and are out of contract, cancel, otherwise you're only keeping your wallet trim as these gymfail tweets show: Before you join the gym, grab a free trial to test whether the new fitness regime's for you. You can also ask a mate whether their gym gives them cheap writing sites liverpool guest passes, and work out with them for free.

These outdoor boot camp style sessions can really put you through your paces. Simply fill in the British Military Fitness free seven-day pass form by 31 Dec Do note that while the form may appear to be for one free class only, your confirmation email will have all the correct details of the seven-day deal - as long as you enter the code MSE You can go to an unlimited amount of outdoor classes, within seven consecutive days. You must cheap writing sites liverpool 16 or over and not a current or past BMF member.

Your pass starts on the day you fill out the form online - so wait until you're ready to get started before signing up. You'll then get an email with your voucher.

You'll need to activate your offer by calling the club you plan to to go to. Fitness First also runs a ' bring a friend free on Friday ' offer see more gets a member's mate in for a free workout. You just need to sign them in at cheap writing sites liverpool. Excludes Tottenham Court Road, Baker Street, South Cheap writing sites liverpool, Clapham Junction Station, London Bridge Cottons, Thomas More Square, Highbury, Angel, Streatham, Charing Cross and Gracechurch Street branches.

You can get a free three-day pass if you register with Anytime Fitness. There are branches across the UK 3, worldwide - find your nearest. You'll cheap writing sites liverpool to use your pass within two weeks of signing up. It's valid for non-members only and the days have to be used consecutively. You can get a free one-day pass by cheap writing sites liverpool to the Better website - find your nearest leisure centre.

The free pass is only available to non-members, and you'll need to book an introductory session before you can use the gym. The pass has to be used on the day of your cheap writing sites liverpool session. Anyone can get a free one-day pass by filling in the form on the Nuffield website - find your nearest club.

It's one pass per person and you must book an appointment at your local Nuffield Health gym in order to take up the offer. Xercise4Less has 47 branches, mostly in the north of Cheap writing sites liverpool, including Leeds, Wakefield and Wigan. Fill in the form to get your free 1-day pass. Xercise4Less also offers free exercise classes for year olds. This is an ongoing offer, and you don't need to be a esl proofreading website us - simply cheap writing sites liverpool your child online to take part.

Get a free one-day gym pass for you and a friend by filling in your details on the Q-Hotels website. Find your nearest health club. Request a free one-day guest pass by filling in cheap writing sites liverpool form at Total Fitness. Request a free one-day gym pass by filling in your details on the Thistle Hotels website. Thistle Hotels is a chain of hotels, which has 13 leisure clubs across England and Scotland.

Find your nearest leisure club. If you prefer to work out in the great outdoors, there are plenty of completely free classes you can attend in parks across the UK. If you go online to free fitness cheap writing sites liverpool ParkLivesyou can sign up for completely free exercise classes for adults and children in more than outdoor locations across Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Newham in London and Nottingham find your nearest park.

See our Park Lives deal for more info. If you go online to free fitness initiative Our Parksyou can sign up for completely free exercise classes for adults and children held in more than 50 locations across London and Bedfordshire. There are 28 different classes to choose from, including yoga, pilates, Zumba, bootcamp, dance, tots' tennis and kids' fitness. It provides free group exercise classes mostly in parks, but also in community centres and libraries during winter.

See our Our Parks deal for more info. You don't even have to run, you can walk if you prefer and kids and dogs are also welcome. Paying as you go can work out more expensive. Yet if you've used up free passes or you're new to gyms, it can be worth paying a little more for a few months until you're sure you'll continue.

Just enter your postcode to browse nearby gyms, which each have a star rating from other users. Then register and load your account to buy passes. It sends an email and text message - flash either at reception within 30 days of buying.

What's good about PayAsUGym is if you change your mind or can't make a session, you can cancel for a refund. For full details on how to cancel, see its Help section. Call the gym to check it's not cheaper direct. If you use PayAsUGym, please tell us your experiences. The Gym has 89 branches in England, Scotland and Wales.

Gyms are open 24 hours a day and Cheap writing sites liverpool say equipment is plentiful and high quality. Simply Gym has 12 centres including Cheltenham, Reading and Wrexham. No-frills cheap writing sites liverpool Pure Gym has more than branches across the UK, including several in London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

If you live in Birmingham, Cardiff, Slough, Southampton or London and like the colour orangeEasyGym is another option. So, you've decided a gym membership is for you.

Here's a comprehensive set of tips to ensure you pay as little as possible. Swanky gyms want you to think contract prices are fixed. The gym sector is fiercely competitive, so there are tons of ways to slim down the price such as: Most gyms employ a commission-driven sales team to sign you up, making cheap writing sites liverpool a prime candidate for haggling.

Even phoning up to find out the costs of membership, we were asked our name, number, if we'd visited before and what our fitness goals were - the sale was on even for a quick enquiry. Don't settle for the standard package. With a bit of chutzpah you should be able to slice a wedge off the cost, especially towards the end of the month, when sales staff need to meet targets. Once you've got the price down as far as you think it'll go, ask for some free guest passes on top.

MoneySavers say Fitness First is the easiest gym to haggle with but Virgin Active can also be flexible. If you go for a gym tour and they won't agree to a deal that day, go home without signing up.

The phone often rings a few days later with a new offer. For top phrases to grease the wheels, read the full High Street Haggling guide. Check if your employer offers subsidised gym membership or has a relationship with a gym, which can be at silly prices.

If not, speak to your Cheap writing sites liverpool department and suggest they set up a deal. Some clubs have 'refer-a-friend' offers featuring gifts such as towels, padlocks or even iPods. So if you've already decided to join, see cheap writing sites liverpool you know someone who belongs already before signing on the dotted line. New gyms often offer cheap 'founder' memberships to drum up custom. To find new gyms, scour industry publications such as Club Solutions and Health Read more Managementas well as gyms' own sites.

Most gyms provide cheaper membership during 'off-peak' hours. If it's possible for you to visit the gym during the daytime, work lunchtimes or at weekends, you could slash the cost. You can usually cancel any time and MoneySavers' feedback is hugely positive. More are opening every month, so if you can't find one near you, check again later. The other boon is that there's often no go here contract length, though you may need to bring your own towel, shower gel and padlock for the locker!

Xercise4Less has 59 branches, mostly in the north of England, including Leeds, Wakefield and Wigan. MoneySavers have been impressed by the facilities, though say the gyms can be busy at peak times.

You can cancel at any time. If you like the colour orange and live near Birmingham, Cardiff, Slough, Southampton or London, EasyGym is cheap writing sites liverpool option. Simply Gym has nine centres including Cheap writing sites liverpool, Reading and Wrexham. Formerly called Harper Fitness, 1Life continue reading more than 40 branches across the UK.

Many council leisure centres are now run by Greenwich Leisure Limited and are branded as ' Better Leisure Centres '. There are more than centres across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Also check out local universities and colleges, which often have gyms open to all, with good facilities at a fraction of private-chain prices. Find your nearest Better Leisure Centreor use Gov. Longer trials are a good halfway house between paying as you go and signing up for a year's contract.

They're usually more expensive than annual memberships, but you're free to go elsewhere once the trial's up, or to stop cheap writing sites liverpool if you no longer go. Find your nearest club. Many are discounted, but how good it is depends on your local gym - just do cheap writing sites liverpool search in your area to find details.

Always check what the gym offers directly too. There's more on maximising Clubcard points and reclaiming lost vouchers in our Tesco Boost guide. If you're signing up for a year, remember sales staff often work on commission. So if their slick patter says "if you're ill you can freeze membership, or take a holiday", ask to see it in the contract. If they say, "It's not there, but it's fine", make notes there which have legal weight and, if possible, get them to this web page to show the promise.

Here's a list of what to check. For further examples, read this useful publication cheap writing sites liverpool the Office of Fair Trading the OFT has since been replaced by the Competition and Markets Authority CMAbut its guidance is still relevant. You don't need to join a gym to get buff. If you're on a budget, cheap writing sites liverpool these quick tips on working out without a gym: If you have a smartphone, or can workout at home in front of your computer, there a plenty of free workout apps and online videos you can use to get fit for free.

Take a look at our Deals Hunters blog to see our Top 10 free fitness videos and smartphone apps. Women's fitness shop Sweaty Betty offers free pilates, ballet and other fitness classes for men and women at more than 30 branches across the country. You need to sign up for its free membership card, then call or pop into your nearest store to book a session.

Rather than paying for the privilege of being sandwiched between two sweaty blokes while listening to dodgy house music, run in the park for free. All you need is a pair of trainers. For free weekly 5k timed runs, check out Parkrun. Examine your fitness requirements. You can run, cycle, do light weights with those bottles of popyoga and a lot more without gym membership. Why not do workout DVDs with friends or see if there is an Outdoor Gym near you?

There's a geeky way to manipulate Amazon's web links to display all heavily-reduced bargains. See the Amazon Discount Finder guide for full details. Join the Debt-Free Wannabe Running Clubwhere MoneySavers support and help each other reach their goals.

Children, young people and families can get free tennis coaching sessions and free use of thousands of tennis courts across the UK with Tennis For Free. Free coaching sessions run at weekends and are suitable for all ages, with equipment also provided for free. Escaping a gym contract can be more difficult than outrunning Usain Bolt even when he's only warming up. Sadly there's no one-set of rules when it comes to your cancellation rights, though gym-goers have been given more protection in recent years.

What rules there are are based on a hotchpotch of different guidelines, codes of conduct and legal precedents, so it's rarely black and white.

But you SHOULD normally have some protection. Your contract should not be longer than 12 months. Inthe High Court ruled it was unfair for gyms cheap writing sites liverpool tie in members for more than one year see the Tens of thousands can cancel gym memberships and More gym-goers will find it cheap writing sites liverpool to cancel contracts MSE News stories.

If your contract's longer than a year, you may be able to challenge it. You can also check to see if the Office of Fair Trading's OFT's guidelines on unfair terms, some of which we've cheap writing sites liverpool below, apply. The OFT has since been replaced by the Competition and Markets Authority CMAthough these guidelines are likely to still be relevant.

The following three rules should also apply. They're also written into UKactive 's code of practice, which more than 3, members are signed up esl results ghostwriting australia. If you think your gym isn't complying with these standards you can report it to the CMA. Here's what some of you said when we asked you to let us know if you managed to cancel your gym membership: My gym cancelled my membership during the month contract period.

I just went in and asked if they could because I was having to move away, and they did it straightaway, no problem. I've been a member at Virgin Active for years, and now I've a new job, it's difficult to get cheap writing sites liverpool during the day, the classes I love have changed time so I'm hardly going these days.

I decided to cancel I was ready to argue. But I got an email to say it's all sorted and my membership will cease.

A friend was four months into a month contract and wasn't using the gym cheap writing sites liverpool. I advised him to write a letter asking if they would allow him out of the contract as he wasn't getting full use of his membership.

A week later, he thanked me and said the gym had been brilliant and allowed him to terminate with no penalties. Let us know how you got on in the Cheap Gym Membership forum discussion.

If your gym's breaching the contract or it contains unfair terms, you've every right to fight back. It's always worth trying to complain in person first, but if that doesn't work This tool helps you draft your complaint and manage it too. If the complaint isn't resolved, Resolver can escalate it for free to UKactivethe trade group for gyms.

If your gym isn't listed on the Resolver site yet, or you prefer to complain direct, try following the steps below: If the gym won't play ball when you complain verbally, write a complaint letter and send it to the head office. Send all letters by recorded delivery, so you can prove they received it, and always save a copy.

Your letter should mention any unfair contract terms you think it may have. The OFT issued guidance about unfair terms in health and fitness clubs in Although this references an old law - the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations was replaced by the Consumer Rights Act in - the guidance is still relevant. If you meet silence or the response is rubbish, write again and be persistent.

For information or advice, try calling the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on cheap writing sites liverpool Gyms that are members of the UKactive trade group agree to stick to the OFTs guidelines on unfair contracts. If your cheap writing sites liverpool a member and you have not had any luck complaining directly, try contacting UKactive.

As a trade association, it cheap writing sites liverpool offer further advice and in some cases may contact the gym on your behalf. Its worth a try, cheap writing sites liverpool it's free anyway. Hopefully you will settle it. But if you strongly believe in your case, have tried all the steps above, and it still won't cancel your contract, taking it to the small claims court is a last resort, although it isn't for everyone.

If you're a court novice, try to seek help from an informed friend or advice centre. Yet before you get legal, you're expected to try to resolve cheap writing sites liverpool directly, and ideally send a 'letter before action' to say you are cheap writing sites liverpool to take them to court. If you don't try, the judge cheap writing sites liverpool likely to look unfavourably on your case, so always use the steps above first. For more on small cheap writing sites liverpool rules, see the How to Complain guide.

Did this system work for you? If you cheap writing sites liverpool to cancel your contract, please tell us about it in the.

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Income Tax Checker See what the tax man and more! Student Loans Repayment Calculator Reveals how long yours will take to repay. The Demotivator Stops you spending when you can't afford it. Get Our Free Weekly Email! Sarah M and Sarah G Edited by Gary. Share this on Facebook. Share cheap writing sites liverpool on Twitter. Share this on WhatsApp. Totally free gym passes. Fitness First: 3-day pass. British Military Fitness: 7-day pass. Cut the cost of year-long contracts.

Exchange loyalty points for gym passes. Tesco Clubcard: swap points for passes. See more commit unless you'll use it. Slash the cost of gym membership. Work out without a gym. Your gym cancellation rights.

British Military Fitness: free 7-day pass. Fitness First: free 3-day pass. Anytime Fitness: free 3-day pass. Better leisure centres: free 1-day pass. Nuffield Health: free 1-day pass. Cheap writing sites liverpool pass is only valid for seven days, so wait until you're ready before you sign up. Xercise4Less: free 1-day pass.

Q-Hotels: free 1-day pass. Total Fitness: free 1-day pass. There are 17 branches in the north of England, including Chester, Hull and Liverpool.

Thistle Hotels: free 1-day pass. Parkrun: free weekly timed 5K run. In parks throughout UK. See our Parkrun deal for more info. Most gyms employ a commission-driven sales team to sign you up, making them a prime candidate for haggling.

Pay as you go? If the gym won't play cheap writing sites liverpool when you complain verbally, write a complaint letter and send it cheap writing sites liverpool the head office. Join in the MSE Forum Discussion Week from 19 April We ensure you're on the cheapest tariff. All of the top unsecured personal loans.

Compares thousands of mortgages. Eight calcs for all your mortgage sums. Resolver - the automated complaints system. How popular annotated bibliography writing websites toronto site works. We think it's important you understand the strengths and limitations of the site. This does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service.

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