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Online education today is fundamentally broken. People binge-watch them like Netflix originals. Check out Jumpcut here. Find out which 5 core values will help fuel our growth for the next 10 years. We believe online education today is fundamentally broken.

The future of education requires having the best application for our users. Find out why content editing sites engineers chose Redux. Read the Jumpcut Blog Offices in the heart of Hollywood, with floor-to-ceiling windows and close to everything you care content editing sites. Jumpcut is ushering in a new era of education and needs a Senior Frontend Engineer to help us reach our goals with our frontend applications.

You will be responsible for leading the implementation of web projects, quality-assurance, and exploratory development. This requires collaboration with designers, product owners, content teams and your fellow engineers. Jumpcut is a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup whose mission is to create the most compelling educational content in the world. We content editing sites to create courses that teach people the skills to live their dream life.

That opens up a LOT of opportunity for putting your ideas into action. Now, in order to achieve our mission, we need to hire the best. A top performer content editing sites fits into our risk-taking DNA. Someone who is obsessed writing amazing copy and striving to become the best in the world just click for source it.

Someone that spends their free time constantly researching, learning, and growing their skills. Our main criteria is: will this person quickly content editing sites and grow with the company?

We want to see you grow into new roles beyond copywriting. This is a full-time role, based in our office in Hollywood, California. These are a series of content editing sites broad questions that will allow us to get to know you. That said, we always love to see our Interns grow into bigger roles with increased responsibilities. Our team is approaching online learning in a completely new way: combining educational content with cinematic filmmaking.

The result is a content editing sites, documentary-style course. The operations intern has four major responsibilities: Some tasks are small, content editing sites tasks that can be done autonomously. Others are larger tasks that involve working closely with managers and other team members.

Some assignments will come straight from the CEO, and you will need to be able to accept the assignments while maintaining core duties. Do content editing sites submit any type of file other than PDF. Please do not call or email. If you have submitted your application, you will hear back from us. Think about what can be done with video: we have the ability to create things like Avatar, The Dark Knight, and Game of Thrones, but the status quo when it comes to online courses is this: this.

In an ice cream parlor of unlimited flavors, every other online education company has opted for vanilla. We have our eye on content editing sites mint triple chocolate chip birthday cake cookie dough with strawberry whipped cream and banana nut sprinkles.

Our team is approaching online learning in a completely new way: combining educational content with compelling stories, captivating cinematography, creative soundtracks, and much more. The result is a beautiful course that feels like a movie. We believe the future of education lies in creating world-class content.

The instructor is the founder of Twitch. Someone who will transform our department the way Ze Frank did at Buzzfeed Video. Jumpcut pay to write best on hacking include content editing sites options, catered lunch and dinner every day, a k, and full content editing sites care benefits. To apply, please click the button below, and submit your resume, cover letter, and 2 writing samples that demonstrate your proficiency in writing for video.

APPLY TO THIS JOB. Find out which 5 core values will help fuel our growth for the next 10 years. The future of online education. Why we chose redux. Find out why our engineers chose Redux. Offices in the heart of Hollywood, with floor-to-ceiling windows and close to everything you care about.

Your work, your rules. We get lunch continue reading dinner catered from top LA restaurants every single day and a full pantry! Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage, plus a gym canada custom ghostwriting sites building to get swole.

VidCon, Traffic and Conversion Summit, Cassandra Summit Company content editing sites every nine months at a really cool spot.

Commuter benefits and parking stipends to help you get to read article. The latest tech for all to use, content editing sites Airs to cams.

Senior Frontend Engineer Los Angeles, CA. We are not shipping your machine! Junior Copywriter Los Angeles, CA. Work like hell and content editing sites. Production Intern Los Angeles, CA. And the cardinal sin is dullness. Operations Intern Los Angeles, CA.

Head Writer Los Angeles, CA.

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This tab is activated by default when you visit a node. It displays the public content of the node that visitors to your site will see. This tab opens up the editing interface to edit the title and body content as well as change a number of node settings and upload a Header Image to the node. Advanced users may choose to change the way specific content types display information. Changing display properties affects all nodes of a specific content type moving forward but pre-existing nodes content editing sites need to be manually content editing sites. Display options include changing the order of items and choosing preset image styles.

If applicable, revisions are extremely useful for content editing sites previosly saved states of a node and allow users to easily switch to a previous state. Click the Edit tab to enter the edit view and make changes to a node. Click the Esl college essay writers site us button at the bottom of the edit view to save your changes. See Revisions below to go to a previously saved state of the node. Use the provided Header Image interface to upload an image that appears at the top of the edit view.

The body field provides a WYSIWYG What You See Is what You Get toolbar that empowers users to style text, add bulleted lists, indent, create links and add images to a node. Content editing sites Using the WYSIWYG Editor section below for a more content editing sites depth content editing sites into updating content with the WYSIWYG editor.

The blue Edit Summary link beside the Body field title allows users to insert an optional summary content editing sites is used when a node is promoted to the Front Page See publishing options below.

By default, Die best dissertation methodology writing service canada Diagnose will grab a snippet of text from the Body field to populate content that is shared on the Front Page.

Click the Edit Summary link to input a custom summary describing the content rather than pulling content automatically. The custom summary is completely optional, in most cases the snippet of text Drupal grabs from the body field will be adequate. By default the Text Format dropdown is set to Filtered HTML. Content editing sites most cases this should be left alone unless specifically directed otherwise. Note: Changing the format risks the potential go here content editing sites all or part of the content in the field.

Do so at your own risk. Scroll down to the Menu Settings tab and click the Provide a Menu Link checkbox to create a link to the current node in the navigation structure.

Use the Parent Item dropdown to choose which section of the site the node should belong to. By default, Main Menu is selected - this will create a link in the Main Navigation Menu that appears at the top of every node on your site. Use the dropdown to choose another node or section of the site that the current node she be included in. The Description and Weight fields should be left at their default values.

You can publish, unpublish, promote nodes to the Front Page and make them sticky at the top of content editing sites by utilizing the Publishing Options tab on the bottom of the edit view.

The default WYSIWYG editor includes a number of preset tools for enhancing the content in the Body field of your node. Note: Some editors may appear differently than the image below. Depending on your needs, additional tools may be enabled in the toolbar. Headings are great for identifyiing key messages in the content. If your content has three key messages, you can divide them by giving each message a heading of H2 directly above each message.

If there are content editing sites points, you could further divide those points into another heading of h3. Make sure to content editing sites the hierarchy of headings, H3 should only come after H2 and H4 should only come after H3 etc To create a heading, type the name of the heading, highlight it, and choose the heading style h2-h6 from the paragraph style dropdown item the default value is Normal. Sidebars should start at heading level 2 and go down from there.

To give text strong importance within content, use the Bold tool in the WYSIWYG toolbar. Visually, bold gives text a heavier weight so that it sticks out and is easy to identify. Semantically, bold gives portions of a sentence added importance e. This is very important. Bold appropriate text by highlighting it and clicking the B icon in the toolbar. Italicize text by highlighting the appropriate text with your mouse and click the I icon in the toolbar. Increase move content editing sites the right or decrease move to the left the indentation of text by placing your mouse before a line of text or by highlighting a section of text and clicking content editing sites of the two Indent buttons in the toolbar.

Create a link by highlighting the appropriate text or image and content editing sites the Link icon in the toolbar to insert the appropriate URL. To remove an existing link, highlight the text or image that is linked and click the Unlink button in content editing sites toolbar. Create a link to a file or document by highlighting the appropriate text and click the Link icon in the toolbar and then click the Browse Server button in the window that appears.

Choose an existing file or upload a new file by clicking the upload button after navigating to the folder of your choice. Note: Upload files directly to your Content editing sites site by visiting umass. Insert an image by clicking the Image button in the toolbar.

Click Browse Server and choose an existing file or upload a new one similar to the Link to Files section above. Turn the image into a link by clicking the Link tab and entering the URL when the Image Properties window appears. Alternatively you can highlight an image and click at this page the Link button in the toolbar to add a link. Float an image to the left or right of text by clicking the Image buttoon in the toolbar and choose Left or Right from the Custom papers writer services usa dropdown.

Alternatively, right click on an image and select Image Properties to bring up the image properties window. Note: If you content editing sites something that contains a formatting style that is not approved, it will be deleted upon saving content. Insert Teaser Breaks by clicking the Teaser Break button in the toolbar. Teaser breaks set a specific end point for teaser text that displays on pages that are promoted to the Front Page. Advanced users may find the Manage Display functionality useful for their specific needs.

Use the Manage Display tab to re-order fields, hide or display labels and change specific formatting options for fields. Some content types include a Teaser tab in additon to the Default display settings. The Teaser typically styles what content editing sites displayed on the Front Page when a content editing sites is Promoted to Front. From this tab you can input a Trim Length which sets a specific character limit.

The tabs on the bottom left, including Layout for Page in Default, Custom Display Settings, content editing sites Changing or modifying these settings may adversly see more the site.

Note: Any changes to the Manage Display content editing sites will affect all nodes of that content content editing sites. Basic Page, News Item, and Profile content editing sites types all have revisioning enabled content editing sites default. Everytime a page is saved a new revision is created. Revisioning is great if you want to look at the past content of a node.

Click the Revisions tab to display a list of all revisions to a page. The current version of the page is highlighted in yellow and each revisions is ordered by date and displays content editing sites name of the user who revised the content. Click the date to view that revision and click the back button in the browser to return to the revisions display.

Alternatively, you can content editing sites the revisions in a new tab and close it when you are done viewing it. To revert the node to a previous revision, click the Revert link that appears in the Operations column. Delete a revision by clicking the Delete link that appears in the Operations column.

Once deleted, a revision cannot be restored. Skip to main content. University of Massachusetts Amherst. Enter the terms you wish to search for. What We Do Start Your Project Tell Us Your UMass Story Our Portfolio Our Staff Brand Guide. Enter or change the node title in the Content editing sites field at the top of the edit view.

Note: Teaser Breaks are ignored content editing sites summaries are applied to a node. Check or uncheck the boxes for each of the following:. Published : This allows you to display or hide a node from the public.

Unpublished nodes will be automatically removed from navigation elements and will automatically return when they are published. Promotoed to Front Page : Any node can be promoted to the Front Page of a website by clicking this box. By default, Drupal will grab a snippet of text from the node to add to the Front Page but you can manually change this by using the Edit Summary feature explained above. Sticky at Top of Lists : Content editing sites default, pages that are promoted to the Front Page will be ordered chronologically based on content editing sites creation date.

If you want to push a node to the top of the list regardless of when it was created, you can check this box. If multiple nodes are set to Sticky content editing sites Top of Lists, those nodes will be ordered chronologically.

Using the WYSIWYG Editor. To emphasize text, use the Italic tool in the toolbar. Numbered and Bulleted Lists. Use the Link Type dropdown to change the type of link you will be creating. Select internal path to link to nodes that exist within your site. Select E-mail to link to email addresses.

Switch to a Revision. Logging in to your UMass Drupal Website The Toolbar and Http:// Site Information Introduction to Users and Roles Introduction to Menus Introduction to Content editing sites Introduction to Content Types Editing Site Content Accessing the File Browser Best Practices.

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