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A few years ago I was in a cathedral with sixth formers. We were debating ethics and green personal writer website usa. Many seemed very concerned.

I saw plenty of unsettled expressions. If you can buy a cool new outfit so cheap, who cares if it falls apart? Wear it a couple of times and throw it away. It turns out Britain could mutate from a make do and mend attitude that endured well past the 70s, into a throwaway nation in just one generation.

Adult Britain at large needs to examine its conscience through its spending. You may not buy illegal counterfeit cigarettes that avoid duty many dobut what about some of those cheap nail bars and makeshift carwashes that have sprung up nationwide? As I learned recently at a government conference on tackling serious organised crime, these can be big business for criminal gangs exploiting trafficked migrants.

Maybe trafficked people would rather be exploited than deported and who wants to get sucked into that political issue? And anyway everyone else is going. There are cannabis factories; pop up offer trafficked and abused women in a short term online rented flat near you.

This is a phenomenon. But wait, what about the market for the happy home grown, ethically sourced British sex worker we personal writer website usa so much about? She looks at me with matter of fact bemusement. In her experience the kind of men going out to buy sex are not worried about whether the woman has been coerced or not. How did so many British men come to think it was ok?

Even without obvious criminal exploitation, the zero hours contract and task economy requires a lot of blind eye turning. Look again when visiting major cinema chains. An unintended but welcome consequence for cost-cutting senior management. So here we all are, spending less per visit, but buying more and more leisure services.

Not just cinemas, but in theme parks, chain restaurants and budget airlines. Companies have worked out ways to maximise profits pay extra for a fast pass because the rides are understaffed and leave others to fume in a long waiting line to keep personal writer website usa the illusion continue reading value.

When so many of us working are so hard for so little, we are encouraged to crave our treats more than ever. Just click and order. It is easy to be nostalgic as one gets older. An American tech entrepeneur from Silicon Valley reminded me the other day how unions ensured a standard of living that enabled most citizens to become aspirational consumers. The challenger voice in the 70s personal writer website usa the personal is political. Look it up on wikipedia. The slogan reminded us all that our individual actions including how we personal writer website usa, said something profound about our values as a society.

With a pending general election, it might not be a bad thing personal writer website usa adopt it again as we seek to redefine ourselves as a nation. This column first appeared in The Big Issue. Online subscriptions available here. Thanks to everyone who made the time to talk to us. All photos copyright Samira Ahmed. Producer Michael Surcombe and I started our journey in Essen at Spiel 16, where new games are launched, judged and players gather.

Vikings and terraforming Mars were the big trends, with several different competing games, such as Mission To Mars You realize how long some of these games are in gestation. On the train from Dusseldorf to the Essen Messe I met Grant Dalgliesh, proprietor of the Canadian boardgames company set up by his father in ; one of the many small board game entrepreneurs among the giant corporate brands.

He was relaunching The Last Spike, a railway building game inspired by the Robber Barons of the American railroad. The game has a focused 20 minute running time, cash and strategy and much more fun than Monopoly. I meet groups of friends trying out great new versions of Pandemic.

Friedemann Friese — a big and literally green name in board games — tells me how he began designing them aged Power Grid is one of his many successes. There are first timers in Just click for source too, some with an activist agenda.

It was great to meet Jessy Personal writer website usa and link team of Northern Californian environmentalists who were still crowdsourcing funding for Climate Oasis, a climate change awareness avoidance game.

Beware the flaming tornadoes. This rather appealed to me having grown up with 60s and 70s SF dystopias like Beneath the Planet of the Apes. You can follow their progress on twitter climateoasis. Adult boardgames from Eastern Europe were quite a thing. So think Victorian steampunk mixed era. I think this involved drinking and getting a bit sexy. There was much praise from our personal writer website usa experts for the multi award winning CodeNames, a Czech code personal writer website usa game that seemed to build on the challenge of the old 70s Mastermind, and has personal writer website usa purity of a simple idea behind the addictive play.

Stories by Manuel Rozoy epitomized another big trend — for puzzle solving locked room boardgames played by a group. A bit like the old BBC TV Adventure Game? The overall winner Mombasa — a German game about land grabbing in imperial Africa — has cover art focused on a white imperial hand with a quill pen, while basket carrying natives toil in the background. It seemed a strangely specific Settlers of Cataan with a deeply odd lack of colonial awareness, which, I am told, is quite a thing with German games and players, where historical focus in schools has always been on the Nazis rather than earlier imperial atrocities.

Speaking of Nazis, what did German students make of Revenge personal writer website usa the Dictators, a fun game from the Netherlands based on stealing radioactive material, trying to take over the world and retiring to a desert island? This group of German friends I met were insightful, witty and thoughtful.

I seek out Tom Vasel, mathematician ex-pastor and guru of The Dice Tower gaming portal, for some spiritual enlightenment and context. He says board games have become very international. It used to be the USA v Germany.

Then France, Italy, Eastern Europe. But there are more Polish publishers here. Then Japanese, Taiwan, Korea and even some from Africa. He says he can usually guess where games are from as they have a certain feel. American games,observes Vasel, are usually about conflict. German games are very analytical.

The French mix the two. Japan is about unusual weird things like the rabbits getting a divorce. Polish games mix everything together — war, historical, fantasy eg Cry Havoc. People are going to a planet mining the minerals.

Autumn, a seriously good Magic the Gathering player offers personal writer website usa personal insight into how the world of semi professional competition has given her confidence.

James Wallis has turned his love of board games into a fascinating business at Spaaace — an agency that uses click the following article in their business consultancy.

We had the most wonderful time comparing favourite games from our childhoods and he talks me through why Elefant Parade — a German boardgame from — is perfection. A simple idea with endless playing satisfaction plus beautifully designed and weighted, quality wooden pieces.

So where else to go but back in time to the beginning of games. Finkel deciphered the rules to the Royal Game of Ur off a clay tablet; I guess you could call it the Rosetta Stone of boardgames.

It was to be superseded by Chess and Backgammon. It takes him a minute or so to explain it to me and we play. It is totally compelling. Irving and I ponder our link to the great civilisations of homo sapiens through the prism of boardgames. Sadly the British Museum no longer licenses or sells versions of The Royal Game of Ur. I eye the few copies on his shelf enviously as I leave. The words of Alexander Mackinnon, a year-old, personal writer website usa school-educated solicitor hurled at a Scottish woman, who happens to be of Asian descent, Sanaa Shahid and her 4 year old son on a train.

Shahid calmly challenged his behaviour, called a member of train staff to witness what was going on and filmed the ongoing verbal abuse on her mobile phone. Thanks to her, MacKinnon was arrested and fined this month, after admitting racially aggravated offences. That was shocking too. Has there been a collective lifting of inhibitions from closet racists and misogynists, who might now feel emboldened to express their real feelings?

Civility — the idea of being decent to eachother, is entwined with the idea of citizenship. How we behave as a society defines who we are. By coincidence a few days after this column originally appeared in The Big Issue the former prime minister Sir John Major spoke about civility in connection with the rise of personal writer website usa immigrant political parties across Europe. It seems to be a mixture of bigotry, prejudice and intolerance.

It is a poison in any political system — destroying civility and decency and understanding. Here in the UK we should give it short shrift, for it is not the people we personal writer website usa — nor the country we are. The far right links of the murderer of MP Jo Cox are truly disturbing. I was mulling on this incivility at the theatre the other night. This House, set in the troubled minority government of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan looks all the more like a time capsule from an alien world.

A world in which unwritten rules of fair play governed the Commons. An understanding that there was a core civility beneath the policy rows that superceded political positions. By chance that night I found myself sitting next to the Commons speaker John Bercow and his wife Sally.

And none of his furious fellow Tory MPs campaigning to sack him are citing the moral and ethical concerns in his words, but only his break with the rules, the protocol of Parliament.

One can see entirely that rules matter. That there is a case to say Mr Bercow has broken with the strict impartiality required of the Speaker. But the circumstances of this battle matter. The row over Bercow reminds us that rules are in danger of being used to by-pass what are hugely important ethical and moral concerns.

As the bullying of Gina Miller, who stood up for the primacy of Parliament, reveals, we are living through a time of intimidation and shouting down. I first heard the claim as an undergraduate. My documentary programme grew out of an invitation to personal writer website usa Speech Day at Queenswood School in Hertfordshire 2 years ago which suddenly opened up a new way of seeing him. There was a white wafting gown, too, really very Isadora Duncan, to dance like flowers.

I was fascinated by the unashamedly aesthetic glamour. There were photos of the Queen Mother who came to a display back in the s. Personal writer website usa Ruskin, even before the female suffrage movement, help set that off? Ruskin wanted to educate women only as far as they would make superior wives and companions for their empire building husbands, and bear healthy children. Actor Toby Hadoke does a wonderful job bringing him to life for us, while Dr Matthew Sweet, author of Inventing the Victoriansgives an personal writer website usa into his huge intellectual celebrity.

There was personal writer website usa prejudicial disgust at what he regarded as inferior races. Yet there were clearly so many revolutionary ideas brewing in his theories. The idea that healthy bodies made healthy minds would have had a political power in Victorian England, where childbirth was so dangerous and malnutrition, poverty and child labour stunted growth. But Riddell warned against giving too much credit to Ruskin and his friends, when women doctors and health campaigners were at the forefront of female education programmes around sexual health.

With Dr Debbie Challis and Dr Amara Thornton. To an insight into what physical liberation meant to them, Simon insisted I needed to try on corsets at Angels Costumes. Go here experience challenged another of my lazy assumptions — that women hated corsets.

To liberate oneself from the feeling of protection and support it gave at a time when women were considered physically weaker, required a significant leap of faith. The dancing that schools like Queenswood promoted represented both a very Ruskinian idea of the intrinsic beauty of the feminine and a delightfully female-focussed physicality. The school staged elaborate classical and mythological based plays and masques.

The development of Delacroze Eurythmics formalized aesthetic ideals amid the more traditional wholesomeness of outdoor games. One of the most moving moments of making the programme was when Dr Wendy Bird showed me through the registers of Queenswood School. Reading the entries of when girls joined and when and why they left was an insight into changing times: In the early years many were returning home to nurse invalid relatives or to early marriage.

But surprisingly fast, they are going to be teachers and company clerks, and increasingly to university, as female colleges began to flourish. Old Queenswood girls Annette Haynes L Diane Maclean centre Dr Jean Horton seated For our programme Queenswood brought together old girls Annette Haynes, Personal writer website usa Jean Horton and Diane Maclean, from the s and 40s who remembered eurythmic dancing lessons and the unexpected paths their lives took after.

They looked themselves up in the register Dr Horton holds in the photograph. Some of their generation had become wives of empire, joining husbands personal writer website usa for Western corporations in Africa and the Far East, but others, like Dr Horton, a renowned anaesthetist in Hong Personal writer website usa, never married, esl definition essay proofreading service for mba the goal Ruskin had in mind for his flower girls.

Their blazers were festooned with shields and badges celebrating sporting and debating and academic success; exactly the kind of ambition Ruskin thought so unladylike. Now more than ever a young woman finds herself entering a garden of delights thanks to the possibilities of a good well rounded education.

With gratitude to all our personal writer website usa, but especially the staff and pupils of Queenswood School. Journalism worth paying for. Available weekly from street vendors or subscriptions here.

History rarely falls into neat numerical decades. Policies and attitudes take a while to gain momentum and once they do as with equal marriage and attitudes to homosexuality personal writer website usa can make a seismic impact. Shortly after the US presidential election I went to interview the directors of the smash hit Disney film Moana and found two boyishly smiling sixty something white men dressed in Hawaiian shirts.

They pioneered technology with early CGI in Basil the Great Mouse Detective but also changing attitudes. But I also realized this is the frontline. This is what Susan Faludi has called the Thirty Years War that many who support Trump are waging against social change.

Marvel comics are selling well with a number of female stars; 7 foot tall, green super-attorney She-HulkThor, Captain Marvel and the young Muslim-American heroine Ms Marvel. Hamilton opens in London this year. You can hear more about it on Front Row next Wed 25th Jan. Dreamgirls is a celebration of how African American music transformed America, and a personal love letter to Etta James.

Composer Henry Krieger told me how he used to sneak off to the Apollo theatre in Harlem as a teenager to watch the acts. Closer to home in a crowded For bibliography hire custom ghostwriting annotated landscape of police procedurals, personal writer website usa that personal writer website usa torture and female abuse under the false flag of a female lead The Fall, most Scandi-noir there are shows like Unforgotten that celebrate the essential decency of our criminal justice service and the calm dedication with which its civil servants — police, forensics, prosecutors try to solve crime.

A nation is a project. Be cautious too of those films that masquerade as progress while protecting old privileges. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, as others have pointed out, is in that odd genre like Doctor Strange of erasing people of colour, and indeed gay people, while exploiting their experience. One of the many citizens who made America great. I urge you to do the same. Here are the personal writer website usa in full, conducted via email.

Obviously a lot has been changing in coverage since the first few days after the Trump election win, but the core issues are the same. My thanks to all three for their time and insight.

Do you think this is the case? For me, the key is to ensure a clear divide between news and comment. I can leave that to others. And I would make sure that any news report included critics of his language. In opinion pieces, of course, anything goes. If Bannon says all Muslims should be locked up, that is. I would quote what he says, and then follow it with horrified reaction from others.

Q Personal writer website usa if so is it reasonable? Again anecdotally been told editors personal writer website usa some newspapers telling writers to tone down rhetoric so as not to offend the Trump team. Are these views ones we need to spell out before we can discuss their appeal? I was worried before the election at the way the NY Times and the WashPo both turned their news columns into attack-Trump columns. I think it was absolutely right to interview Marine Le P.

It was unfortunate custom essay writing sites it fell on Remembrance Sunday, but it was personal writer website usa first Marr show after the US election, so they obviously needed to get it on air at the first opportunity. I do accept, however, that for much too long, both Farage and Trump were treated a joke figures who were good for the ratings and a refreshing change to the usual dull old politicians.

It took us much too long to challenge them head on. There was no free press in Nazi Germany, so there is no comparison. When Trump starts shutting down the NYT or locking up journalists, it may be time to start making those comparisons. I think news editors should do exactly the same with populist leaders as they do with any other politician.

Report them fairly, and challenge them robustly. In the case of Trump, I would throw major resources at investigating potential conflict of interest issues. One general point: I think liberals are still too prone to blame the media for political outcomes they disapprove of. Many of the people who vote for populists regard the media as part of the despised establishment anyway; I very much doubt that they are influenced by media treatment of them.

What worries me most is that so few metropolitan journalists, in both the US and the UK, saw either Brexit or Trump coming. It is hard to escape the conclusion that the so-called mainstream media have failed to reflect accurately the full spectrum of views in the communities they serve. Sometimes the media reaction seems to suggest that some great tsunami of extreme nationalist sentiment has swept across both nations.

As there is in most other European countries as well. America is founded on religious liberty. America is nation of immigrants. Trump should be treated like any POTUS. Q On principle should people like Romney be working with him at all given the senior role of people like Steve Bannon? Hey, I am going to personal writer website usa away from personal writer website usa questions that touch on Romney. Q Have you talked to Romney? Here we are and I wonder how you feel about the immediate future of American political discourse?

There are those who say progressive values are too deeply embedded in mainstream culture to be overturned so fast. But I do know POTUS is a role model and how anything is said by a POTUS has deep ramifications. Damien Personal writer website usa — Berlin based personal writer website usa, BBC Q There was footage of Trump rally supporters chanting something akin to Luegen Presse during the campaign.

How have the German media been covering Trump? All German media, on the left and on the right, high- and low-brow, is very anti-Trump and is not shy about expressing this.

Headlines the day after the election expressed horror. The learn more here daily Bild, the nearest thing to a tabloid Germany has, is pro-refugee. Are there any useful comparisons with Farage and Trump? There is no credible acceptable leader of Pegida. Lots of splits and rows which means the movement wird cheap persuasive essay ghostwriters sites for mba bekam lost momentum.

But Pegida has also lost influence because the AfD has become more personal writer website usa and picked up their supporters, entering regional parliaments and likely to enter national parliament for the first time next year. Frauke Petry is the respectable face of the AfD.

This makes personal writer website usa more toxic for moderate voters — but more successful with non-voters. Over the last year, as the AfD has entered regional parliaments, public TV has been forced to change its stance e. Pegida is different because their statements and rallies often cross the border of illegality into hate speech.

Q How far is that limited by clear law? How far is there a mindset? You mentioned the press being inherently conservative and pro-Establishment. Can you explain that a bit? Certainly not socially or politically conservative. The media debate tends to be left-wing liberal — Germany is anyway essentially more left-wing than Britain when it comes to attitudes towards migration and the size of the welfare state.

Even right-wing parties support a large welfare state and the EU. Traditionally anything that could be seen as veering too much towards right-wing extremism ie Nazi ideology was toxic. That is changing with AfD. But generally anti-incitement laws and anti-hate speech laws tend to trump as it were! Even if not everyone thinks this. Anything not in tune with that is often seen as not legitimate. So public broadcasting here tends to try to form and educate, rather than simply reflect.

Quite an old fashioned top down approach which is very different to the BBC and British media culture. This traditionally personal writer website usa that populism spreads less into the mainstream. How would it be covered in Germany do you think? Difficult to say: in some ways racially charged or sexist terms are often more personal writer website usa in mainstream German society than British society.

Germany is quite new to multiculturalism and some parts of Germany have quite traditional attitudes towards women eg when it comes to motherhood. So in fact you do occasionally get politicians saying things that would be unacceptable in Britain.

The public media debate though is different, and often more politically correct. I think anyone defending Trump like this would be shot down by mainstream media. Q Andrew Marr show just interviewed Marine Le Pen. With your German experience can you offer the German media view on it? I think German broadcasting is also struggling with this. Some members of AfD though do have views which would not have been expressed on German TV 10 years ago.

Still seen as controversial though. What reader under 30 these days can imagine the pace of a world in which the breathtaking action is painstakingly written up longhand just after it happened? It must have taken hours. Finishing the book this morning for a BBC Front Row tackle-an-unread classic-in-a-week challenge, it struck me that: 1.

Its form — entirely written in diary-style entries and post-event journals — is essentially a Storify project. Walter Hartright would probably live tweet his first encounter with the Woman In White, inspiring lots of helpful suggestions from both conspiracy theorists and online Victorian trolls about hysterical women.

Later on, instagram postings of subsequent encounters would help the reader make sense of the confusion of identities. After he died in I would meet his widow visit web page lunch and once, when she asked for my news, I started talking with excitement about the flat my husband and I were buying in Berlin.

I saw her face fall in horror. For personal writer website usa to anticipate how someone of her generation might feel about that country 50 personal writer website usa on. While some people like my friend felt a line remained drawn that they personal writer website usa not cross, other made a different kind of choice. It was a kind of benign propaganda to personal writer website usa British people trust young Germans again.

That idea of benign propaganda applies to what Ladybird Books were doing at exactly the same time.

They were a celebration of a new Britain built out of ashes. One that celebrated social housing, new concrete shopping centres in the place of bombed out medieval cities and the expanded public sector of the NHS and personal writer website usa emergency source. The white heat of technology was celebrated in books about The Hovercraft or The Computer. The illustrators often waited for a fine day to take their guide photos and make their sketches.

Robert Lumley The Magic Porridge Pot, The Elves and The Shoemaker had fought at Monte Personal writer website usa. John Kenny Tootles the Taxi and The Story of Nelson had landed in Normandy on VE Day. Robert Ayton The story of Ships was a wartime motorcycle dispatch rider. Their Ladybird work was unashamedly optimistic and idealistic.

Andy Dickens, nephew of illustrator Harry Wingfieldhad his own sixth birthday immortalised in the easy reading book The Party. The adults around at that time — some had been fighter pilots, some had commandeered U-boats. There was a general acceptance that people did what they did and we were equally respectful of the milkman.

Think of the work culture exposed in big companies like Sports Direct. This article originally appeared in The Big Issue magazine ahead of an event I curated at Conway Hall on October 10th Seeing how the world looked to a leader of his generation, who saw Communism as their greatest threat, is a useful insight. Or is powerful corporate and individual support the big secret? This article first appeared in The Big Issue magazine. Available from street vendors or subscribe here.

Samira Ahmed: Journalist, Writer, Broadcaster. Is Britain up for mending personal writer website usa culture of exploitation? Posted on April 19, by samiraahmed. Tagged crimeculturepolitics. The making of Do Pass Go: boardgames in the internet personal writer website usa. Posted on April 10, by samiraahmed. Do Pass Personal writer website usa my BBC Radio 4 documentary personal writer website usa, airing on Friday April 14thhas its origins in a piece I wrote about the Libyan dictator General Gadaffi playing chess on TV in the run up personal writer website usa his toppling, and in my bemusement about the global success of Settlers of Catan.

No re-use without permission. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Tagged boardgamesbritish museumclimate oasisculturedagnis skurbeessenfriedemanm frieseFTWGermanygrant dalglieshirving finkelJames wallisjessy bradishmagic the gathering personal writer website usa, mombasapandemicroyal game of urthe dice towerthe last spiketom vasel.

The poison that is destroying civility and how to fight it. Posted on March 4, by samiraahmed. Posted in Crime and JusticeCulturejournalismMediaPoliticsTheatre. Tagged personal writer website usa mackinnonBIG ISSUEfaisal islamgina millerjo coxjohn bercowJohn Majormonday clubRacismsanaa shahidthis house. Posted on February 21, by samiraahmed.

Sutton High School chemistry lab designed by teacher Annette Hunt far right photo taken between and photo SHS archives Drill at Darley St School copyright Leeds Library and Museum Talking fit bodies with Fern Riddell With Dr Debbie Challis and Editing best ca sites Amara Thornton. Posted in BooksChildrenCultureEducationHistoryRadio.

Tagged cultureeurythmicsfeminismJohn Ruskinof queens gardensQueenswood Schoolsesame and liliesVictorians. How to win the coming culture war in Posted on January 19, personal writer website usa samiraahmed. Research proposal writers for hire london should broadcast news journalists interview and talk about extremists? Posted on November 23, by samiraahmed. Posted in GermanyjournalismMediaPoliticsRadioReligionTV.

Tagged AfDalt rightBBCBerlinBIG ISSUEDamien McGuinnessDonald TrumpjournalismLuegenpressemediaMitt RomneyNazismNewswatch click here, Nigel FaragePegidapoliticsRobin LustigStuart Stevensterrorismtv.

Adjust your privacy settings now, fool! Reading The Woman In White in the instagram age. Posted on October 27, by samiraahmed. Posted in BooksCulture. Tagged front rowinstagramthe woman in whitetwitterVictorianswilkie collins.

Ladybird books: Constructing the future past of modern Britain. Personal writer website usa on October 25, by samiraahmed. So much of the political vision of the s has been dismantled — in housing, the public sector and the workplace. Further listening audio of the event :. Posted in BooksChildrenCultureDesignEnvironmentGermanyHistoryMediaUncategorizedWar.

Tagged 60sBachelor of Heartsbooksconway hallcultureHardy KrugerLadybird booksmediamichael balconpoliticspublishingSylvia Symswarwolf rilla. Posted on September 25, by samiraahmed.

Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Susan Lori Parks came into the Front Row studio last week t o talk about When Father Came Home From The Wars opening at the Royal Court Theatre.

All audio is copyright of the BBC. Photo copyright Samira Ahmed. Posted in BooksCultureHistoryMediaPoliticsRadioTheatreUncategorizedWar. Tagged American Civil Warpersonal writer website usapersonal writer website usaHillary ClintonmediapoliticsSuzan Lori ParksTheatre Royal StratfordUS politics personal writer website usa, war.

Lessons for Trump and us all from the Ronald Reagan Memorial Library. Posted on September 1, by samiraahmed. Posted in HistoryjournalismMediaPolitics. Tagged 80sBIG ISSUEDonald TrumppoliticsRonald Reagan. Celebrity Mastermind Specialist subject: Laura Ingalls Wilder Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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